Tips for New Race Car Drivers

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Race Car Driver

Joseph Armato owns and operates Global Realty Development LLC, a real estate development, management, and brokerage firm. An avid car racer in his free time, Joseph Armato appreciates the discipline and skill the sport demands.

When learning to drive race cars, a driver’s first task is to become expert at controlling the vehicle, as race cars handle much differently than stock cars, and the tracks are much different than neighborhood streets. This includes braking, steering, and accelerating in new, more highly integrated ways.

Braking can be difficult for those used to street driving, as race cars require a hard hit on the brakes right before a turn. Then, as the car rounds the bend, the driver gradually lifts the foot off of the brake pedal. This not only reduces speed before the turn but also keeps the front of the car facing down when turning, so as to maintain better contact with the track.

The driver must also learn to steer like a racer. The hands should be held on the wheel at 9:00 and 3:00 positions, in order to give the driver better control and help him or her feel the angle of each turn better. Control is most important going into a straightaway, as these turns require a faster adjustment coming out of a curve.

Once the driver becomes comfortable with the brakes and the steering, he or she can practice making more efficient use of the car’s capabilities and using the accelerator to take the curves at greater and greater speeds. This allows the driver to keep up speed as much as possible throughout the entire course. Awareness and responsiveness become even more important at this stage, so the driver should remain alert and attentive to the road, the feel of the car, and his or her surroundings.


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